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Backstage Account Tips

By January 9, 2019February 19th, 2019No Comments

Backstage.Com is can be a powerful resource for actors trying to keep busy in the competitive entertainment industry. This post is an expert from an article on referencing backstage account tips that can lead to better profile presence.

“You’re a skilled actor, you work hard, and you put a lot of effort into managing your Backstage talent profile. But are you putting in the right effort? What exactly is it going to take for you to take your career to the next level now that 2019 has arrived? Thousands of jobs are cast through Backstage and if your profile isn’t in good shape, casting directors will skim right over it. Let’s see if we can maximize your investment using these Backstage Account Tips, shall we?

We talked to Los Angeles–based casting director Judy Bouley, who’s worked on projects including “Cast Away” and “The Polar Express,” about what makes a Backstage talent profile stand out!

Have a proper, relaxed headshot.
So while Bouley admits she’s more relaxed when it comes to headshots, she still says having a proper headshot is vital. “It’s an actor’s calling card.

“[A proper headshot] shows the actor in a natural way, not leaning on their hand or doing a smirk—unless that’s them and they are a goofy character, and that’s how they see themselves and how they are typically cast.

“I also don’t like just a head, just a bobbing head in the ocean,” she adds. A good headshot should be from the chest to the top of the head, with a little space above, according to the CD. And most importantly, just look natural.”

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