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Business Highlight: Holly O’Donnell

By January 6, 2019March 13th, 2019No Comments

Welcome to the Business Highlight: Vol. 1! These blogs are designed to shine a spotlight on businesses who’ve been my headshot clients, and to talk more about you and what you thought of my headshot photography. We will update our blogs periodically to talk more about different businesses big and small, and what your experiences are like in the field you’re working in, or the business you’ve built. Please, enjoy!

Name: Holly O’Donnell
Business: Slone Solutions, LLC

Describe your profession: My profession is Client Engagement & Customer Service Consulting.

Describe your business/group/organization:

Slone Solutions, LLC helps customer service teams realize the impact they have on the client experience. We focus on process improvement and enhance team communications through a variety of approaches.
As keynote speaker, I address topics such as Deviating from the Process to Deliver Superb Customer Service, How Personalities Impact Team Engagement, and Accountability vs Sustainability – A Dialogue for Leadership.

Presentation coaching is impactful for the individual looking to polish their own presentation style. Some professionals would rather experience a root canal than speak in front of a room. We help individuals find confidence and ensure the message they provide to their teams is delivered effectively.

Process Improvement is suggested for teams who want to gain insight on how personalities impact communication or discover efficiencies in current operations.

What do you love about what you do?

I love customer service and client engagement. I love to talk about it, blog about it, & speak about it. I don’t know anyone that wants to be ordinary or just good enough. So, when we can encourage teams to think differently about their operations and processes and, when we look at things from the client perspective, we find opportunities in how we lead, how we empower, and how to ignite the passion for a sustained and consistent client experience. It causes a ripple effect and client loyalty is the result. I love every part of this journey.

How and when did you get started?

After 20 years in the hospitality industry, I took a leap of faith and began my consulting business. My background was hospitality and I was a part time facilitator for Dale Carnegie. No matter my role, I was always looking for a way to get more involved with training. Consulting marries the two. Slone Solutions, LLC brings the customer service element and provides the training to keep consistency for client engagement.

What inspired you to start your business/group/organization?

A very long commute to the city with a gorgeous newborn impacted my leap of faith.

What business role model do you look up to and why?

I look up to my dad. He too is an entrepreneur who started his own business and reached success through hard work and a focus on fostering relationships. In simple ways, he impacts lives every day. I hope to impact lives through the client experience. This passion and legacy I hope to leave for my daughter.

Where do you see your business/group/organization in 10 years?

I envision Slone Solutions, LLC to operate on a 70% referral basis. The referral is the highest compliment. It breeds confidence when we select partners in commerce. I also envision my book to climb to the New York Best Selling list. (I know a lofty goal for any writer) Publishing date TBD, but you can find & follow my blog posts on Customer Service on my website or on LinkedIn.

What is unique about you business/group/organization?

My first thought is that I’m a woman in business. Yet, most importantly, I’m a woman in business who has had the pleasure of working with some of the industry greats when it comes to client engagement. I’ve worked with Walt Disney World and Dale Carnegie Training. Both organizations have been tremendous training grounds for customer service and client engagement. Most recently, I’ve collaborated with a team working to make the Lincoln Motor Company #1 in Customer Service Satisfaction. It’s exposed me to JD Power & Associates and how metrics can impact the journey to one’s goal.

What’s your favorite part about the business/group/organization?

I love helping people. I love motivating teams to think differently and I especially love the confidence that develops when teams see first hand how each individual contributes to the client experience as a whole.

How do you think professional photos will impact your business/group/organization?

I think Martina captured the essence of the energy and passion I have for client engagement. When businesses are considering who they want to speak in front of a room, I hope they’ll see the energy and spark that I’ll bring to the room.

How was it like having your photo taken professionally?

I typically hide from the camera, but this experience was so much fun. Martina was encouraging and professional. She coached on head angles, posture, how to stand. She has a gift for bringing out one’s personality in an image. Proofs were provided on the spot. I’m ready for my next shoot.

For more information on headshots, or to book an appointment with Martina Magnusson, go to If you’re a business owner, employee, etc. book today and tell us all about you and your business to be featured in the next Business Highlight Blog!

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