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Headshots for Branding

By January 23, 2019January 31st, 2019No Comments

I want to dedicate this blog to talk about something more important that just your headshots/portraits and that is, your business. Too often, people take headshots for personal branding and business lightly.

Whether it’s big or small, your business is a priority that you put first and your headshots for your personal branding should be taken with the same priority. When you schedule your professional headshots with me, I take part of that responsibility into my hands as well. The reason for that is because you are the face of your business. There are many reasons why it’s integral to have your headshots done professionally with me, but for the purposes of this blog, I will list three big reasons that will help you understand just how big a difference a picture makes for you and your business.

 Put a face to the name.

When you do a Google search and click on the desired result, the first thing you see in that website, blog, or profile is a photo of some type. This photo usually (hopefully) represents what that page contains and pertains to the information you’re looking for. If I did a Google search on a law firm, for example, and found their website, I expect to see two things: first is a photo of either the partner of their firm and/or an associate from their firm. But, the second thing I want to see is their logo. Most of the time (and this is the important thing to remember) their photo is their brand; this goes for more than just law firms representing specific areas of the law. This goes for everything, nowadays. On social media, you cannot go from one Google search to another without seeing a photo of a person, a group of people, a team working on a project, or at least a photo or graphic design of their brand and their business. It’s simply impossible nowadays. The reason behind that is because businesses want you to remember who or what they are; they add their personality to everything they create. What better way to add your personality than with a headshot featuring you? This is why putting a face to the name is integral in the realm of social media and why booking a headshots for personal branding with Martina Magnusson Photography should be high on your priority list.

2.) Pick the right photographer

I can’t stress this enough! Picking the right photographer to shoot your headshots for personal branding does wonders not only for your photo, but for your personal brand and business overall. When I take professional headshots for business owners and associates alike, I like to talk to them first about what they want to represent in their photo, Our visions of this business must align with each other in order for your personal brand to stand out amongst the rest. It’s important for me to understand what you want to showcase and what your business is so I can take the right photo of you. During the booking process, it’s important for you to communicate with me what kind of photo of you you would like. It’s also important to know what your headshot is being used for – profile photo for LinkedIn, resume photo if you’re an actor/actress/model, etc. For business shots especially, I need to know what kind of demeanor you would like to pose in, the colors you use for your logo/brand and how to incorporate that with your headshot, whether this is a solo portrait or a group corporate photo. There are various details that a lot of people take for granted when it comes to taking a professional headshot, which is why it’s important to hire a professional photographer because a professional will never overlook those details (*hint: me!).

3.) Be consistent with your brand

There’s no one that knows your brand better than you. Whether you’re representing a massive blog, website, or if you’re the CEO of a Forbes 500 company, it’s important that that you embody that brand. As a professional, I always advise that you should get a new headshots for personal branding updated at least every two years in order to portray any new changes. Not only is it important to portray any physical changes you’ve made, it’s twice as important to portray any physical changes your organization has made. From a new employee, to a new department, as far as a new location that your business is branching out to – these are worthy of being showcased. That’s why it’s a big deal to be consistently embody your brand through photos, updated headshots, social media updates, etc. Use every channel available in technology to your advantage and communicate these changes with your professional headshot photographer. I will always steer in you in the right direction where sophistication meets satisfaction and vice versa. Your business is important to you, therefore, it’s also important to me.


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