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Importance of Lighting in Photography

By November 6, 2018No Comments

Let’s go back to basics. What’s the number one factor that helps bring life to photography (other than a model in front of the camera)?  Think about it, you can’t have a group photo of you and your friends and not be able to see who all was with you the day you took it,   right? You have to actually see the faces of the people you know and love, and what better way to do so than with some lighting. Your camera phones have flash settings for this specific reason. Your professional photographer does as well, but this lighting is a little different. Lighting in headshot photography specifically, is designed to bring life to your photos. While the makeup and outfit, as well as that million dollar smile, does the trick, it’s the beaming beacon of warmth that surrounds you during your photo session that brings the magic to life.

Just ask your professional headshot photographer! 😉

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