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Portrait Photographer Specializes in Portraits for Women and Other Themes

United States, 17th Nov 2016- Martina Magnusson Photography, a renowned portrait photographer, offers specialized services which include women’s portraits; maternity; women’s private room; glamour; and high school seniors.

Photography sessions are done both in the studio and on location. Headshot and portrait photographer Martina Magnusson is also an expert in taking headshots of men and women, models, and corporate personalities. She has been a professional lens woman for more than six years.

Martina Magnusson lives in the western suburbs of the Windy City (Chicago) but grew up in the small village of Hokon at the southern province of Sweden. This lady photographer admits that she loves sharing her work with fellow photography buffs. She is a certified nature lover. “I really love the long summer nights, short winter days, forests, meadows and lakes. I find nature irresistible and continuously search for outdoor places for my portraits,” Martina enthused.

It is really important to have professional images both for business as well as headshots for social media sites. First and foremost, majority of personal and business connections are made online which makes it vital for people to project their personalities properly and not just through selfportraits.

Experienced portrait photographers like Martina Magnusson will recommend hiring a professional capable of taking excellent headshots. “The set-up need not be too formal whether it is inside the studio or an outdoor location with natural lighting,” she explained.

The professional business image is the best opportunity to show a brand image to prospective clients. Smart entrepreneurs do not hesitate to allocate resources for branding to include photographic representations. Profile photos in social media channels like LinkedIn must look perfectly corporate whether these are intended for job-hunting, marketing or simple networking.

Martina Magnusson underscores the importance of women feeling beautiful during photography sessions. “The key is for women to feel gorgeous so they will have stunning images,” the expert portrait photographer said.

Martina mentioned the need for women to have their hair and makeup done professionally. They will feel good-looking and poised throughout the portrait session; this applies to maternity, high school senior and bridal portraits.

Martina has been in this creative business for many years. She has gone through various situations and provided portrait services to numerous clients. How does she manage to offer premium quality services continuously?

“I pay attention carefully to all details. There are no formal rules in portrait photography so it will help to experiment on new concepts and techniques,” she emphasized.

The photographer must communicate with the subject. This is a person and not an object being photographed. The reaction of subjects is equally important to portrait photography. There should be a formal but warm relationship between them. It is the most essential component of the actual shooting.

Martina Magnusson believes that photography is a comprehensive art. She knows that artists need to consider detailed subjects. Clicking subjects is not a mere process but a passion for artistic individuals. It does not matter if the photographer is young or old. Experience is not the only factor. It will all boil down to creativity and expertise.

Martina Magnusson Photography is located at Downers Grove, Chicago, Illinois. Potential clients can also browse its website at <a href=”https://martinamagnusson.com” target=”_blank”>www.martinamagnusson.com</a>.

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