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What Keeps You From Updating Your Headshot?

By November 12, 2018No Comments

Because of the handiness and accessibility of smartphones, our generation thinks that we can get away with using a selfie to portray ourselves professionally. Though this is the fastest and most inexpensive way of doing so, it lacks the professional touch of a Senior Photographer. There are many LinkedIn profiles that use a selfie as a “professional” photo on their “professional” profile. However, “professional” and “selfie” do not belong in the same sentence. LinkedIn is like the preliminary interview round for potential new hires. Businesses that are looking to fill open positions will sift through LinkedIn for potential talent, but will often shy away from people’s profiles whose photos aren’t a singular portrait of themselves. If the point of being professional on a website, such as LinkedIn, is to land a new job, why use a selfie to show how ‘serious’ you are? Why not take a professional headshot? What’s holding you back from updating your look? Let’s find out.

From personal experience, I’ve gotten a lot of clients telling me my headshot packages were too high or downright unreasonable. I’ve had a few telling me they understand the value of a professional headshot and what it means to be relevant with a professionally made photo. I’m here to tell you that a  Professional Photography Service doesn’t have to be expensive for you to update your look. Those clients who understand the value of their updated headshots and pay for it are the ones whom I’ve spoken to and asked for their input as to why others don’t believe hiring a professional photographer is beneficial. My clients have expressed three of the same reasons I’ve observed throughout. The first is cost. The reason for this is due to the accessibility of smartphones and their constantly upgraded camera features like portrait-mode on the iPhone, for example. Clients will come up to me and say “Why should I pay to have my photo done professionally when my iPhone can do that and more?” or, they’ll say “I can cut out the cost and middle-man by simply clicking the button on my phone”. While this is true, and certainly the case almost 90% of the time, it still lacks that certain finesse that a headshot photographer like myself knows how to make. By finesse, I mean lighting, makeup, pose and posture, close-ups without making features irregular, and so on and so forth. At Martina Magnusson Headshot Photography, you’re not just paying for a photo or anything resembling a ‘selfie’. What you’re receiving is the personal touch and care of a Senior Photographer.

The reason for the cost of going to a professional is much higher than the cost of taking a selfie is due to the labor, equipment, and time it takes to edit multiple photos at once before finalizing and sending them out to clients to use. Of course, professional headshots aren’t free. The cost of a new camera alone is enough to create an amount of debt no one wants on their hands. But the reason for an expensive camera is the quality of photos it is able to take. The reason you want a professional photographer behind the wheel, so to speak, is because they are trained and seasoned in this art. For example, Corporate Headshots aren’t just group photos you take for fun. They’re meant to drive up the marketing on their websites, and promote their businesses altogether. Think of it in simpler terms: if you wanted to buy a birthday cake for a special birthday party, you wouldn’t go to a butcher to get a cake made, would you? Of course not. You would go to a baker who’s made hundreds upon hundreds of cakes in their lifetime to be certain the birthday cake you want is up to your standards. Same goes for professional photographers. If you want to look sophisticated and be taken seriously by corporations out there looking to hire someone like you, then why would you debase yourself by taking an ordinary, and unprofessional ‘selfie’?

The second reason is relevancy. “I’ve already had my photo taken by professional four years ago! I have tons of clients! People know who I am and what I look like! Why should I keep paying for a new headshot every year?” I’ve heard many clients say this many a time. It’s not every year that you should update your headshot, in fact, it should be once every two years at least. Relevancy is such an important factor to renewing your headshots, as well as your employees. Just because your business is booming and you’re gaining new clients nearly every week or every day, doesn’t mean you can’t stay relevant to clients that are still out there looking for someone like you to do business with. It’s important to change your photo because, like it or not, your looks change. Keep your photo up to date with your face, and all will fall into place for your business.

Third and final reason is for the sake of your business. While your looks are changing, so is the look and pace of your business. You may have added a new product, a new employee, or even a new department. No one tends to take the time to read, nowadays. Everything needs to be promoted with a photo or the point of your message won’t get across as quickly and effectively. When you update your business website, you want to showcase your newest additions and evolvements with photos. Take a new employee, for example. If you updated your website with an announcement saying there’s a new member of your team, people will want to associate a face to the name. Take the time out to contact your Senior Photographer – Martina Magnusson – to take the professional-grade portrait of your newest addition to the team so that your clients will be able to trust your business, and your newest employees, more.

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