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Your Local Photographer!

By February 1, 2019February 12th, 2019No Comments
supporting local businesses

I’ll be honest in this blog. As your local photographer in Downers Grove, Illinois, it’s not easy. I’m building a small-business and it’s a slow process, but it would be much slower and near impossible without local support.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, your local photographer is a valuable connections to have. Small-business photographers are especially valuable connections to have. It’s not everyday you get to talk about your local photographer friend, if you don’t support what they do and what they can create. From personal experiences, local businesses need the most support. Take a cafe for example. The most notable and obvious being Starbucks, of course. There’s a Starbucks on every corner, but there isn’t a local coffee shop on every corner, though I believe there should be. But, why do you think that is?

Starbucks is a large corporation and they’re only getting bigger. The money they make can sustain a coffee shop with their name on every single corner and inside a couple famous stores, too (hint: Target, Barnes & Noble, to name a couple…). Of course, a small, local business cannot make that happen just yet, but they have every right to make it possible. The thing is, it’ll only be possible with support from the people in and around that area.

But, again, why is it so important to support small-businesses? Why is it important to shop small? First reason: it’s so much better to do so because you get to know the person behind the brand. And that is something you should not take for granted. Getting to know the creator behind the brand is beneficial and even more so when you meet them in person. Don’t just follow them on their Instagram or retweet them on Twitter. Actually talk to them in person, build a relationship, and create a connection with this person, because you’ll never know how useful that connection will be. By meeting the person behind the brand, you could create a possible partnership and that always means good things for local businesses.

It’s so much easier to go into your favorite stores and buy yourself an outfit or two, and not worry about trying to find the right pieces of your wardrobe when you already have a few staples you frequent. Sure, convenience and familiarity are factors in this decision you’ve made when you go shopping. However, mass production and a local, personal touch are not. We should try our best to change this mindset. When you shop local, you’re not getting the exact same thing you see everywhere else that everyone else is wearing. You get a personal touch, a sense of community in the products you’re purchasing, and a unique and creative soul you just can’t put a price on. That’s how you know what you’re getting from shopping small is so much more meaningful because it’s not something you can just get anywhere.

I can’t stress the importance of supporting local businesses enough. As your local photographer starting my own business, it’s important to me to see my business grow, but it’s also important to see my community grow as well. When people show their support for my business, it makes me feel tremendous because I know that my hard work is being recognized and wanted.

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