A picture says a thousand words,
what do you want to say?

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What Do You Want to Say?

We all know that first impressions are vital, so why settle for anything short of the best first impression that you can give? If you’re looking for the finest, professional headshot to showcase your best light then you have come to the right place. As a professional headshot photographer, Martina Magnusson Photography not only provides quality images, she ensures that you enjoy your time in front of the camera, resulting in a genuine, one-of-kind headshot that communicates the very traits that you want your audience to know about you!

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You’re A Step Closer

Martina Magnusson Photography is determined to provide the highest quality of service, whether you are looking to get your very first headshot, or just trying to update your look! You can reach Martina Magnusson Photography any time with unanswered questions so you can be a step closer to the final product that you are looking for!
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I work with Martina on a regular basis. She is incredibly professional, talented, friendly, reliable, and makes everyone feel comfortable. I highly recommend her services.
Nini Jenkins, Makeup Artist
Martina came into our office to take social media profile pictures and did an excellent job.
Mike W, Real Estate Agent
I went to Martina with a very specific idea. She delivered, big time. Her input added more to what I was looking for. It was fantastic. She has a great eye. Not only does she do great work, she is way
and fun to work either. The shoot itself was a blast. I've been an entertainer for almost 30 years. That's a lot of head shots. I'll go back to her in a heartbeat.
Lenny S, Actor
Martina is experienced, she knows what she's doing and you really feel that when she's shooting. She makes you comfortable in front of the camera which isn't an east feat and explains
her reasoning while she's doing it. Shooting with her was definitely an amazing experience!
AlphaBrenda Sadcopen, Graphic Design
Martina really went out of her way for us. She was very personal while still being professional. She really helped turn what could have been a frantic mess into an organized session.
She was an amazing photographer to work with. In a world full of people with cameras...she is someone who really deserves to be called an artist. She is more talented than words can
express and really brings that extra experience to her photography. For someone like me, who has no sense of creativity, it was really great to get direction from the professional
while still getting to put our input in on the session as well. Thanks for everything Martina!!
Stephen Germak